The Death of Celebrity, Film, and Passive Media (Part 1: Internet Issues)

Performers are a classical tradition of entertainment culture, consumerism, and fundamental aspects of primary celebrity status. Charlie Chaplin, Katherine Hepburn, Elvis Presley, are a few classic examples of celebrity culture founded by exceptional performance and impersonal relationships. While technology has endlessly advanced all aspects of film making, there has become an initial and possible long-term fallout of the former celebrity title. Social media network engagement has revolutionized the ability to relate, connect, and intimately care for modern day celebrities. Instead of selective, impressive talent, and traditionally Hollywood or fashion models, modern day users are uniting b

Falling Upwards A.K.A. Happy Accidents

Mortality is a weird pragmatic joke when it comes to brief periods of chaos. Eight months of gray ice at Middlebury College led to a difficult relationship with myself. Reacting to the odd nature of young adult depression, I started up some serious therapy starting freshman year. Over 6+ years, 5 different medical cocktails, and 4 therapists/psychologists, things started to change a new sense of semi-happiness. I went from a kid who hated himself to quietly happier, more successful, and genuinely excited about getting MARRIED (which I had proclaimed I would never do… and was wrong). Not too bad in terms of the relative point of view from the past. August 18, I fell down my apartment steps be

The Death of Objectivity

Two central points are necessary to understand how the practice of realism in cinema was created, fostered and improved upon endlessly: Realism is achieved through God-like control over the media’s creation, There is no such thing as truly realistic media due to intention. The diametric opposites of creating cinematic realism are founded in paradox. How does complete control create the illusion of natural reality? How do we re-define realism and objectivity in documentary/Journalistic mediums considering intentionality? How does this impact audience’s relationship to factual realism and narrative realism? Realism in non-fiction forms is achieved through the illusion that what is on screen su

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